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10 Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ

Author: Daniel Bennett

The number one thing people ask when selecting a dj for their wedding is how much do you charge. This may not be the question you should be asking. Here are 10 things to ask when selecting your dj for your wedding.

  1. Do you offer MC services?

    • Not all djs offer the Master of Ceremonies service in their price. You will want to pick one that offers this service so you or the person you select won't be struggling to find the right things to say at the right time.

  2. Does your price include setup and takedown?

    • Some djs will use some of the time booked for setup and takedown. Look for a wedding dj that does the setup and take down without using up your precious dj time.
  3. Do you charge a retainer? and When is the balance due?

    • Most respectable disc jockeys charge a retainer. They will also present and sign a contract with you. If a wedding dj doesn't present a contract, this should raise a red flag.

  4. Can we select what style of music to be played?

    • You should be able to select a a good size playlist from their song library. If you want a song not on the list they should be able to get the song for you.

  5. Can I see your song list and make a "do not play" list?

    • You may not want certain songs played at your wedding. Most wedding djs offer this service but it but it never hurts to ask.

  6. Are you available for my wedding?

    • The wedding dj service you select may not be available for your date. It is always best to book your wedding dj in advance to make sure you get what you want.

  7. Can we meet the dj before my wedding?

    • Your DJ should be in contact with you in less than 1 week after they receive your signed contract and retainer. At that point you will share contact information with your DJ who will be in touch with you around 2 months before your wedding day. At this point you will set up a time to meet one on one and plan out the events. You will talk about music selections, formalities, time lines, announcements, and more. This session can last around an hour. This will make your event go smoothly and ensure that your event is a success.

  8. What is the total cost for X hours?

    • Although this question is practically a no-brainer, we thought we should include it for the questions list because some wedding djs may add the setup and takedown onto their price.

  9. Do you DJ for X hours or does X hours include setup and takedown?

    • Some djs will charge you for 4 hours only for you to see that one hour has been used up for setup and takedown. This could present a major problem financially and emotionally on top of the normal stress occurred at your wedding.

  10. What is the minimum time charged?

    • Most wedding djs have a minimum hours requirement. Most is 4 hour, although respectable wedding djs will be at your wedding for up to 6 hours figuring in 1 hour for setup and 1 hour for takedown but only charge you for the 4 hours so you have the full 4 hours of dj'ing excitement.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/10-questions-to-ask-a-wedding-dj-384304.html

About the Author:

I hope this list of 10 things to ask a wedding dj before you book one will come in handy and lighten the normal stress of wedding planning. If you are in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and are looking for a very professional wedding dj, PricelessDJs (pricelessdjs.com) can provide the best and most professional service in the Tri-State area.


How to have a "Buzz Free" prom

What’s BuzzFree Prom all about?

It's all about making responsible choices – on prom night or any other night for that matter. And it’s about acknowledging the right choice because smart decisions aren’t always the easiest, or even the most obvious.

Prom night is big. It’s expensive. And when alcohol and other drugs enter the picture, it can be dangerous – even deadly. In fact, nearly half (46 percent) of all fatal car crashes on typical prom weekends in 2004 involved alcohol. (NHTSA, 2005)

BuzzFree Prom wants the decision to be responsible on Prom night the absolute smartest choice there is. Not only when it comes to saving lives, but also when it comes to saving cash and having all the support possible. The result should be a Prom night to remember, and for all the right reasons.

Not only does BuzzFree Prom offer incredible safe prom tools for high schools, now when students sign the BuzzFree Prom Pledge, an actual pledge not to drink or use other drugs on Prom night, they’ll receive a BuzzFree ID good for discounts and offers on everything they need for Prom and more.

The Right Promotion.

The founder, Liza Orchard, is a veteran of the advertising and promotion world and a firm believer in Cause Marketing – a proven method of creating product preference while supporting our most important charities.

"Some teens save all year to make sure their Prom is the best night of their life. The same advertising dollars spent reaching prom goers can also keep them alive. It just makes sense," Orchard said.

With today's technology, we can measurably educate students as well as parents on the repercussions of alcohol and other drugs on prom night, or any other occasion. And for our partners, they can see they can see the actual difference they make in communities nationwide.

BuzzFree Prom is just the beginning.

There are a host of year-round BuzzFree Programs in development for teens, college students and adults. Our mission is to support responsible decisions whenever there’s a choice to use alcohol and/or other drugs.

Ordering Information

Get your BuzzFree Prom Kit now!


An IPod Wedding DJ

Author: Cameron Carpenter

There's a lot of talk out there about iPod weddings, and I'd like to offer my input.

The short of it is this: just hire a reasonably priced professional wedding DJ.

The longer story is that I love iPods. I own multiples and have been using them since they came out, when I converted my entire CD collection and quit using those heavy chunks of plastic whenever possible. In fact, I think that it's silly for a wedding DJ to carry around all that extra weight if there's no need. However, an iPod is just a tool.

When someone tells you to "just plug your iPod in" for your wedding, the question is "to what"? If you own a $4000 PA system with crystal clear sound then that's a good start. If not, you can just rent one; an adequate one can be rented for several hundred dollars and a really good one for more. Of course you need someone willing to be a sound tech/roadie, haul it to the venue for you, set it up, and operate it for you. Hopefully you don't plan on ruining a friendship over free labor, so you should pay them something. Multiple wireless microphones, for an additional cost, would be nice so the guests can hear your ceremony vows and your Best Man and Maid of Honor can make toasts during the reception, perhaps someone would like to do a reading or play an instrument, maybe sing a song during your unity candle. Of course everyone wants to hear the prelude and ceremony music. Oh yeah, that means more money for another PA system for your ceremony, (surely you don't want your guests to wait around while the same sound system is being set up and sound checked twice?) plus more time and a lot more effort from your friend who is now working really hard for you as an AV tech and roadie.

But wait, what about on-site coordination with your other vendors so that everything runs smoothly? Your tired friend (who by now probably just wishes he were a guest who could relax and have fun like everyone else) needs to change out of his jeans and t-shirt so he can appear presentable to the public. Perhaps a nice suit or even a tux so he can provide some direction for your event and use a microphone appropriately to make announcements and keep your other guests informed. Sort of like an emcee or master of ceremonies. But wait, that means he had to meet with you beforehand to create a schedule or timeline and then insure that the effort put into wedding planning results in successfully executed event coordination.

Speaking of insurance, you'd better have some! Liability insurance for events in Arizona is required, with liability amounts typically in the range of a million dollars. Medical bills and property damage can be expensive! If you think that's not an issue, think again. The person who creates the trip hazard that breaks Grandma's hip or starts an electrical fire that burns the reception hall to the ground is liable, and in your iPod wedding, that's you. But that's ok, you can purchase a single use insurance policy that covers your event for a few hundred dollars, so you're not in trouble when something bad happens.

Later, when the house lights are down and folks are dancing, it would be really cool to have some dance lighting- not coffee cans and colored paper; those don't look good, but intelligent lights that move to the beat of the music and provide dynamic, modern visual effects. There's another significant investment for a little extra fun.

You know, that's a lot to worry about on your wedding day. Perhaps it would be better to find a quality Phoenix AZ Wedding DJ who will do all of this for you for a reasonable price. There's a lot out there but most of them charge too much, which may be why you were thinking of using your iPod in the first place. If only you could find a DJ/MC/Event Planner and Coordinator/AV Tech/Roadie/Insured Professional who was all this in addition to having great rates...

And we're back to where we began- you could just hire a reasonably priced professional wedding DJ!

Cameron Carpenter, Three Oceans Entertainment, Phoenix AZ Wedding DJ and Videographer


About the Author:

Cameron was a professional musician for 25 years, playing keyboards and guitar, and singing and performing as a band member, solo artist, session musician, composer, and sound engineer. His credits include scoring and producing the soundtrack for the film "Ski Utah" and staff composer for the television PSA series "Utah Crimesolvers." He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he owns and operates
Three Oceans Entertainment
, a video production and event DJ company for weddings and events in Arizona.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/an-ipod-wedding-dj-713138.html


Wedding Music Ideas by Dj Babylon Videobabylon.ca

Author: Rafi Michael

Wedding music refers to the collection of instrumental and vocal tunes, songs or melodies usually performed at rehearsals, actual ceremonies and post nuptial feasts. Like other nuptials, every stage of a Toronto wedding incorporates a type of music tailored to fit with the occasion. For a systematic performance, one needs the work of a wedding DJ to offer a professional presentation during these ceremonies. Some cultures in the west choose to have music for family and friends prior to the start of the ceremony. A DJ with professional experience unleashes great sentimental hits that set the environment for the ceremony at hand. Such stages of nuptials invite exemplariness in performance for any type of music. Whether Jewish, Christian, traditional or civil matrimonial event, a Toronto DJ ensures that everything unfolds to the climax of a Toronto wedding celebration.

The role of music in marital ceremonies is so essential that one has to conduct a series of consultations for proper blend of music and scenes. Religious settings require professional wedding DJ with a taste of relevant music to accompany the big day. Some of the DJs may need guidance on the kind of music to play at particular stages in a the ceremony. For Toronto weddings and other parts of Canada, one needs to make personal contact with the disk jockey to select personal music for individual preference. This entails prior arrangements with a DJ to make the wedding day a big success. The prelude of the event may incorporate instrumental music as for a start. This moment before the actual ceremony has its special place in rehearsals. It is applicable in many nuptials such as the Toronto wedding and other regions such as Mississauga where one gets the classical hits of the Mississauga DJs.

For the procession, a typical Toronto wedding fits well with bridal chorus hits powered by the DJ. The brides and the entire entourage of groomsmen, best man, bridesmaid, the groom, and maid of honor enter in style responding to the smooth hits of music. Modern styles recommend instrumental versions, products of professional DJ. Such are the times where creativity and tradition meet. For uniformity, a wonderful Toronto wedding ensures that the participants rehearse to the dance and songs long before the actual day to avoid situations of clashes and unnecessary failures. The brides need to choose music that complements the styles and settings of both traditional and conventional weddings.

A nuptial ceremony in every culture involves the exchange of vows and rings. In Toronto weddings, special verses and music accompany the significance of this event. A wedding DJ should know what suits with the particular ceremony. For the recessional and interludes, the music played must conform to the elements of matching. Brides find classical selections more appropriate and full of fun. Soft jazz and some popular love hits go well with newly wed couples. After the vows are made, the mood must be entertaining. A Toronto wedding is an ensemble of both traditional and contemporary music selections that favors various occasions. Organizers must coordinate with wedding DJ for fantastic results.

About the Author:
Wedding Music Ideas Our professional DJ's cater to a broad spectrum of musical styles, genres and events. for more info visit: http://www.videobabylon.ca/DiscJockey-S.html Disc Jockey

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-and-entertainment-articles/wedding-music-ideas-by-dj-babylon-videobabylonca-574366.html


Disc Jockeys and Wedding Djs are All That it Takes for a Perfect Event!

Author: Greg

A disc jockey is one person that can really turn a dull moment into a very worthwhile and unforgettable event. Disc jockeys primarily aim to give optimum entertainment and make sure that fun and excitement will remain as fresh as it can be as long as the party runs.

Before, a disc jockey (http://www.discjockeys.com) only works in radio programs, making announcements and greetings and playing music upon the request of the listeners. Today, a lot of disc jockeys are scattered everywhere else, doing different works, making them more flexible professionals. You can now look for and hire a disc jockey on the internet. Thousands of sites are exclusively made and promoted just to advertise the services that disc jockeys offer. There, your choices are endless. In your own locality, you can also take a look at the services offered by disc jockeys.

In choosing for the right disc jockey, you have to make sure that he is professional, has a proper work ethic, and an a great and impeccable taste when it comes to entertainment and music. Furthermore, he must be updated about what’s the latest in the music world so you won’t be behind what’s in with the trend in music. Disc jockeys today are hired not just for the sake of playing music during parties but also in doing other stuffs like organizing and planning for parties. Thus, if ever you are tired of planning and even just thinking of your party, then, the best thing for you to do is call a disc jockey and leave all your worries and problems on the hand of the disc jockeys.

And what about weddings? Well, the best help that could come along your way are wedding disc jockeys. I haven’t mentioned yet that disc jockeys are flexible. You can put them at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even at children’s parties! That is the best thing about disc jockeys. And for your wedding day, don’t spoil the chance of enjoying the best day of your life! Wedding DJs (http://www.discjockeys.com) are the right choice for you. If you want your wedding venue to have the best atmosphere, then, calling the service of a wedding DJ is your right choice. If you want optimum entertainment plus the right music to tune up everything, a wedding DJ is also what you need.

You may wonder whether disc jockeys and wedding DJs are the entertainment wonders. And I may say that they are definitely indeed. Wedding DJs and disc jockeys are all you need to make your special moment more special, more memorable, and best of all, worth the price that you pay.

About the Author:

Email: info@discjockeys.com
Phone: 480-314-9800
Fax: 480-860-8845
Mailing Address:
Discjockeys.com LLC
PMB 258
10105 E. Via Linda Ste 103
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/art-and-entertainment-articles/disc-jockeys-and-wedding-djs-are-all-that-it-takes-for-a-perfect-event-650563.html


Planning a Wedding

Author: manickam

It hardly matters whether you are a game for an elaborate wedding in a Victorian mansion or a chic and trendy wedding at an exotic beach destination, if you plan your wedding well, it will turn out to be a grand affair. Always plan a wedding well in advance and if you have a fair idea about the theme of the wedding, the rest of the things would easily fall in place. Make a checklist of things to be done and discuss with your friends and family for tips. However, make sure to have loads of fun while planning your wedding as it is something to be rejoiced.

Making a budget is the first priority as it will help you to mark down the necessary expenses from the avoidable overheads. You can cut corners on unnecessary expenses and save money by opting an off season wedding. From wedding flowers to limo hire and wedding DJs, every thing will be available at a low cost during off season. In case the time of the year holds no particular relevance for you to exchange your wedding vows , you can opt for an off season wedding and romp home with attractive discounts and freebies. By doing so, the couple also runs a better chance to get their location of their choice for their wedding as the places are less likely to be filled up during the lean period.

If you can buy items like wedding favors in bulk, you can save quite a few bucks. Planning a wedding is not a kid's play but a well planned event will bag you raves from far and wide. You should have a fair idea of the number of guests who are likely to attend the function and the nature of the crowd. This will be a handy yardstick while ordering food for the guests and also in hiring the wedding DJs.

If a mixed crowd is expected, settle for bilingual DJs who can handle Spanish or French besides English and an assortment of songs comprising of both traditional and modern music could be picked up to cater to the diverse needs of the crowd. Some of the other areas that deserve special attention include wedding gowns, flowers and wedding photography. You can also engage a wedding planner to tie up the loose ends to make sure that your wedding turns out to be a surreal experience. Last but not least you can also plan your honeymoon well in advance to make sure that you bag the best deals in some of the exotic locations of your chance.

About the Author:


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/plan-a-wedding-706328.html


Wedding Day Stress – 10 Tips for Reducing Stress on your Wedding Day

Author: DJ Jem

Even though your wedding day is billed as your 'special day', you often can't help but feel stressed and overwhelmed by the whole affair. Following are some tips to help you reduce the stress on your wedding day:

1. Try and eat a healthy breakfast. A healthy, nutritious breakfast will provide a wonderful start to your wedding day, followed by several small meals throughout the rest of the day. Incorporate into your meals a light menu of unsweetened fresh/dried fruit, unsalted nuts, raw vegetables, low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese, and high-fiber bread. Unsweetened fruit juices also help to calm stressed-out nerves.

2. Make sure you have some fresh bottled water with you at all times. Taking a few sips throughout the day is better than guzzling down the whole bottle in 10 minutes, unless you want to spend a lot of time running to and from the restroom. Among a host of other things, water is necessary for the body to digest and absorb vitamins and minerals. Coffee, tea, and caffeinated sodas prompt the body to lose water, so they can work against you on your wedding day.

3. Laugh! Find every reason throughout the day to find things around you that help to make you laugh. Laughter has been found to help in decreasing stress hormones that can constrict blood vessels and suppress immune activity.

4. Be very well organized. The more time you spend organizing everything with everybody prior to the wedding (e.g., caterer, event coordinator, photographer, disk jockey/DJ, videographer, limo driver, etc.) the less stress you will have on your wedding day. Do not leave things to the last minute, and try to have everything finalized at least one week ahead of your wedding day.

5. If you are leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception, don’t forget to have all your luggage (along with important items like passports, airline tickets, travelers checks, etc.,) packed and placed in a safe location you have access to.

6. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your wedding. In order to get a good night’s sleep the night before, you should

• avoid watching TV in bed;

• minimize noise, light, and temperature extremes in your room;

• avoid any naps during the day before;

• not drink caffeine at least 4 hours prior to going to sleep;

• avoid eating, exercise or alcohol prior to going to sleep.

7. Delegate as many tasks to as many people that are willing to help as possible. The less you have to do on your wedding day, the less stressful it will be for you.

8. Keep a healthy perspective on the day. Even though the wedding day is important, your future happiness does not depend on this single day alone.

9. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. Music can be used to bring about a more positive state of mind, which can help prevent the stress response from wreaking havoc on the body. Make sure you work with your disc jockey/DJ to incorporate all the songs that mean the most to you in your ceremony and/or reception.

10. Understand that not everything on your wedding day is under your control. Names can get mispronounced, important participants can get lost or arrive late, nature can refuse to cooperate, vehicles can break down, and so on. Amidst all this, try and accept with grace and humility the fact that not everything is under your control.

11. Bonus tip! Above all, make sure you take the time to enjoy your special day, even though there will be a lot going on. Take in the elegant floral arrangements, the exquisite table settings, the smiling faces, the soothing music, and all the other special touches that have been put together just for you.

About the Author:

DJ Jem is a Maryland Disc Jockey with Premier Sound Entertainment, a company that provides memorable wedding and event entertainment in the DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/wedding-day-stress-10-tips-for-reducing-stress-on-your-wedding-day-148381.html


How to Hire a Wedding DJ

Author: Robert Reno

Many brides struggle with trying to find the perfect entertainment for their big day. This is a very important decision, because the entertainment can make or break the entire evening. So how do you hire a wedding DJ? I have laid out 7 helpful tips below that will help you select the right company for your special day.

1.) Friends don't let friends DJ their wedding

Before we get into pricing, I just wanted to let everybody know that friends do not let their friends DJ their wedding. Instead, you should have your friend attend the wedding as a guest or even in the bridal party. Just because they are your friend does not mean that you have to let them DJ your wedding. They may give you a killer deal on the DJ package, but are they really professional DJ material? I am sure there are many people who know pro wedding DJs out there that would be the perfect match for your wedding. However, I have heard the stories many times where brides wished they would have spent $300.00 more instead of having their cousins friend ruin the reception with blowup guitars, rap, and cheesy announcements. A professional wedding DJ company will go over all the details with you ahead of time, so that there are no surprises.

2.) See Your DJ in Action

Honestly, most wedding DJ companies that you might consider hiring will not allow you to attend a private function such as a wedding reception. When you really think about it, would like to have some guest come uninvited to your wedding just to get free drinks and eat your appetizers? A reputable company will focus all their attention on the client for that day instead of the next one being booked. To fix this problem online video demos come in handy. You can see event highlights of your DJ in action, and get a feel for how they will coordinate your wedding day while working with your vendors.

3.) Type of DJ/Personality

This will make or break the DJ company that you hire for your wedding. No two DJs are the same and with that said not every DJ is created equally. Some DJs will do any and every type of event, while others specialize in weddings. When you first talk to the DJ over the phone, get a feel for how they present themselves during the conversation. Are they energetic? Are they passionate? This is what you can expect from them on your wedding day. Some DJs spend 30 seconds on the phone while others take the time to understand what you are looking for so they meet your expectations. When you hire a wedding DJ you are also hiring the master of ceremonies. They will be your spokesperson for the evening representing both of your families. It is a wise idea to go with a company that has good chemistry with you and your fiancé.

4.) What Does Price Really Mean

Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect, and they also want to save as much money as possible. So what does price really mean when hiring a wedding DJ? I am sure you have heard the old saying you get what you pay for, but quality entertainment does not cost it pays. If you skimp a couple of hundred dollars on the entertainment your guests might not stay long enough to get your moneys worth from the hall, your photographer might not take above average photos, and that late night snack tray might go to waste as well. When guests look back on your wedding day 10, 15, even 20 years from now, do you know what they will remember... if they had fun or not!

So we know that going with the cheapest might cost you the most stress, but the most expensive does not mean the best either. Sometimes you are charged for setup and teardown, online planning, travel, and the list goes on. It is best to work with a company that can compromise with your budget. A company that does not have any hidden costs and gives you the most bang for your buck This typical price range will usually fall between $795-$1295. Sometimes pricing can go over this range if you factor in custom options including Wall Accent Lighting, custom name monogram, and remote sound.

5.) References References References!

By far one of the most important areas to spend your time when figuring out how to hire a wedding DJ is feedback and testimonials. References should be recent, from within the past 6-12 months, and you should be given an adequate amount of them for the type of event you are considering (EX. you should not be given a list of corporate referrals for a wedding reception they are completely different). If you are given a list of over 15 satisfaction surveys, contact 3 or 4 random brides and really listen to what they say. Ask them why they hired the DJ company, how the wedding DJ did at their wedding, and their overall impression. Any wedding DJ that is serious about your business will have nothing to hide and will provide references upon request.

6.) Talk with Several Companies

So you talked with one wedding DJ company now guess what? Talk with another and another. The best piece of advice is to consult with several wedding DJs before making a decision on which one to hire. This will also give you a better understand of what you are looking for immediately! You will be surprised at the way some entertainers carry themselves. Just imagine how they will handle your ONE wedding! Keep notes of all conversations and prices quoted for your wedding. Narrow your selection down to 2 or 3 ideal companies and make your decision from there.

7.) What about the contract and payments

Finally after you have your sights on a particular wedding DJ, enforce what you want with a contract. All the stipulations should be discussed before hand and all the important details should be included (location, date, time, # of guests, names, and phone number). When going over the contract, also talk about how are payments made. Most wedding DJ companies accept a 50% retainer at the time the contract is signed to reserve your date. Usually the outstanding balance is due the night off. Majority of the time, payments can be made in advance if you are more comfortable with that. Will your DJ accept a personal check, if so who is it made out to? Small things like this will tell you how flexible a wedding DJ is, (this is a biggie when it comes to weddings). At most weddings the timeline will jump around plus or minus 10-15 minutes. Your wedding DJ will have to adjust to these changes without hesitation.

How do You Hire the Right Wedding DJ

This all depends on how you take the advice from this article. Every bride and groom is different and this means that they are looking for different qualities in a wedding DJ. The best approach to take when interviewing wedding DJs is to get a vibe of how they view you as a person and a client. Wedding receptions should not be done in a cookie cutter fashion. When weddings are personalized to what the bride and groom want, then this means that they hired the best wedding DJ available.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/how-to-hire-a-wedding-dj-526470.html

About the Author:

Robert Reno works for Encore Entertainment. His team provides DJs and lighting for Michigan wedding receptions. Visit the following links for more info about how to hire a wedding DJ or the Michigan DJ.


3 Simple Guidelines for a Successful Wedding Toast

Author: Cameron Carpenter

It doesn't need to be long. It doesn't need to be complicated. But because a wedding toast happens at such an emotional and sensitive point in time, many people worry entirely too much about it, and make it a lot harder and more stressful than it needs to be. Just follow these three simple guidelines and you'll do fine.

1. Open with a joke:

Please remember that this is a toast, not a roast. However, many who are adept at public speaking know to "break the ice" with an amusing anecdote or humorous story. Whether you are the best man, maid of honor, father of the bride or anyone else who will be speaking, chances are that you know something interesting and funny about the groom or bride that no one else does. Keep it short, nothing too embarrassing, and certainly keep it clean enough for a mixed group. This is not your opportunity to try your hand at stand-up comedy, though. The idea is to get the attention of the room focused on the moment, share a lighthearted laugh, and move on.

2. Get serious:

The point of the wedding toast is simply to honor the couple. That's why you are all assembled, so offer them your sincere wishes, put into your own words, expressing exactly how you feel and showing that you're not afraid to say it. Think of a short phrase that's easy to remember which will trigger the rest of your words. You don't need to worry about an overly eloquent speech, nor should you try to "wing it" and struggle with spontaneous creativity.

3. Raise the glasses:

As a wedding DJ and videographer, I"ve witnessed hundreds of receptions, and you may be surprised at how many folks get caught up in the moment, become too nervous from a fear of public speaking (which is mostly the needless pressure they put on themselves), or lose their notes entirely or can't read them in the dim lighting of the room. If there are champagne, cider, or other drinks in hand at the reception, remember to raise the glasses in tribute. That's it! Some of the best wedding toasts I've ever heard have followed this easy outline. Good luck with yours.

About the Author:

Cameron was a professional musician for 25 years, playing keyboards and guitar, and singing and performing as a band member, solo artist, session musician, composer, and sound engineer. His credits include scoring and producing the soundtrack for the film "Ski Utah" and staff composer for the television PSA series "Utah Crimesolvers." He now resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he owns and operates
Three Oceans Entertainment
, a video production and event DJ company for weddings and events in Arizona.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weddings-articles/3-simple-guidelines-for-a-successful-wedding-toast-719214.html


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