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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about our DJs


  • Is setup and breakdown time included in the price for packages?

The requested timeframe for the DJ which includes the 4 hour standard block of time and additional overtime requested is actual performance time.  Any setup or breakdown time needed is not part of the standard scheduled time.  There is no charge for setup or breakdown time.

  • Will you provide ceremony music? cocktail/ lunch music?

Our performance is directed by how you request us to manage your event.  We will play the music requested and manage any necessary functions, ceremonies or services requested within the allotted time.

  • Will you Emcee the reception? (i.e. introductions, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet & garter and special requested dances)

Our services include Emcee performances for all events including introductions, first dances and more.  In addition, we act as day of event coordinators to help manage the event flow and timeline so everything goes smoothly.

  • Will you prepare any type of "wedding agenda" to give us an idea of the timeline/flow of the wedding events?

We have forms online that guide you through the timeline and special events.  These forms are then reviewed by our DJ and discussed with you the week of your event so our DJ can successfully manage your event timeline and direct your event.

  • Will you be wearing a tuxedo?

Our entertainers will dress according to your requirement listed in our planning forms online.  This can be a full tuxedo, dress shirt, shorts etc.

  • Do you bring backup equipment with you?

Our systems are designed to have backup and redundancy within it.  In addition, backup play units and equipment are carried by the DJ to manage most issues.

  • How many people will cover the event? (assistants?)

On most of our packages, one entertainer is provided.  If you would like an additional entertainer to act as emcee and another as a DJ please contact our sales office.

  • What are the refund/cancellation terms?

We provide a full, no questions asked refund prior to 90 from your event less a $25.00 processing fee.  Within 90 days the down payment is non-refundable however the amount put down can be used toward any event within a year of your contracted event date if the need to cancel is required.  In addition, we offer a quality service guarantee on the performance of our entertainers, please refer to the quality guarantee certificate you will receive when contracting our services for details.

  • Is gratuity included in the price? If not, what is the percentage of the service charge?

Gratuity is not included in our standard pricing.  Our entertainers work diligently to provide the best possible service for you and your guests.  Tipping is not required however is appreciated and there is no standard percentage set.  Our experience shows clients tend to tip our entertainers for their professionalism and quality service at a rate of roughly 10%.

  • Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes.  It covers standard liability issues surrounding equipment and the entertainer.  Please contact our office if you require a copy of our insurance for your event.

  • Can we choose the DJ / Entertainer for our event?

All of our DJs are experienced, trained professionals with years of experience and are all in high demand.  If you would like to choose your entertainer, please request the option to pick your DJ be added to the contract.  Entertainer choices go quickly and we cannot guarantee an entertainer without this option.

  • Will you need to be provided a meal during the reception?

We do not expect a meal to be provided however our entertainers in most cases are scheduled for an extended duration of time for your event.  This time usually consists of at least an hour prior and an hour after your event for setup and breakdown.  The entertainer usually does not have the luxury to leave the event facility to obtain a meal therefore a provided meal is appreciated. 

  • How many breaks do you take during the reception and will there be music played during these breaks?

Any breaks the entertainer takes will be short and discrete.  Our system allows us to continue to play music without interrupting the event even though the entertainer has left his console.

  • In addition to the base price, is there a set-up fee? Are there charges for additional meetings, tear down, or travel time?

The package price includes all setup and breakdown fees, additional meetings, taxes and most travel.  Travel charges apply outside of 50 miles of a Gobo Entertainment coverage area.  Please visit our website at www.goboentertainment.com for details on coverage areas.



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